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    Help Photoshop CC keeps Stalling or Working all together.


      Photoshop CC tends to stall when I go to do something.  This can be with anything from using a brush to selecting a layer to saving.  I can't figure out why.


      Also, Photoshop CC tends to quit working and wants to close.  It doesn't give me a reason.  Sometimes it will save where I was and when I reopen it, everything is there like nothing happened.  Today on the other hand... I was batch processing several pictures with an action that was I created and recorded.  It was saved under Default Actions menu. When Photoshop CC decided to quit today, I closed it like normal and then reoped it.  I opened the pictures that I had left and went to start the batch process but the Action that I had created was gone.


      There has been a couple other times where Photoshop CC has not saved where it was when it quit working and I had lost the work that I had done.


      Can anyone tell me what is going on? 


      It is very speratic and doesn't seem to matter if I have other programs open or not.