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    I can't log-in to Premiere Pro & keep getting stuck in an Adobe Application Manager sign-in loop


      I am currently unable to load Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects.


      When I click to open them the Adobe Application Manager opens up, asks me to sign-in (which I do) and then it tries to open PP (the PP icon on my Mac bounces up and down) but then it disappears and loops me back to the Adobe Application Manager.


      I was speaking to an Adobe Support officer on Live Chat the other day and he dialled in to my mac but couldn't fix it. He said he would escalate the issue and told me to expect a call back within two days. Frustratingly no-one has called me back and the issue remains.


      I have uninstalled all the apps and the Creative Cloud and then re-installed them but that hasn't helped.


      I would be really grateful if anyone had any suggestions as I have an important piece of work that I have to get done by tomorrow.


      Many thanks