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    Creative Cloud & Windows 8.1

    Denize Buckle

      I can't open Photoshop or Illustrator - a blank screen comes up and I can't exit it at all, I have to switch my
      laptop off and on again. If it does open (which happens almost NEVER) a notification comes up about the display settings (too scared to use it as it might not save the data) - I have now tried to download inDesign but that has failed completely. I bought my

      laptop brand new in November 2013 and I have now paid a USA Technical Support Company over £300 to assist me with these issue - they have installed various different programmes (thinking it might be my laptop not taking the GRAPHS of the programmes), but it se
      ems that it might be Windows 8.1? Please advise urgently as I need to use these programmes on a day-to-day basis as I'm currently
      doing an art and design course.