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    Effects not showing up on 3d text layer?


      hi im running into a problem were i motion tracked some 3d text into a scene, but when i add a effect like mossaic to the text nothing is showing up. the effect is on! the text remains just the same as it was before, motion tracked but regular. Am i doing something wrong or can effects only be placed on non 3d text. btw i duplicated the text, turned the 3d off and added a effect and it worked just fine.

      here is a couple gyazo pics of it for more information


      without effect:  http://gyazo.com/bea0bafb67ef1a45888d4764dc5e84dc


      with effect added ( nothing changes)  http://gyazo.com/e4cebe245fbcf9b5c956b5174ebacd42


      everything is up to date and my computer setting are way above what they need to run after effects.