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    Full screen recording problem

      I am trying to record an Assessment Simulation in Full Screen mode, in which the student is asked to use the Start button to get to a Windows configuration item. Captivate displays the first slide of the Windows Desktop but does not wait for the student to click the start button. It also does not capture another slide if I simply use the mouse to point to an item in the start menu. Clicking on a Sart Menu item forces Captivate to capture a slide but the assessment can easily get out o f synch. A submenu is not always displayed, which makes it difficult to find the right location on the screen to click the correct menu item.

      If anyone has encountered this problem and knows of a potential solution, please let me know. I have tried changing the timing and transitions with no success. Thanks.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Jorge and welcome to our community

          Sounds like you possibly need to supplement your automatic captures with some manual captures here and there. Where you normally mouse over something and a menu appears, you should press Print Screen (assuming you haven't changed the default snapshot keppress). As you have seen, Captivate doesn't recognize a change on mouseover. Typically only changes after clicking or typing.

          Hopefully this helps a bit... Rick