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    Newbie Help - convert XML obj to text for a URLRequest argument


      I'm new to Flex builder 2 and I am stuck doing something that I know is very basic but I am still on a learning curve (I'm a php procedural programmer, so I know OOP but haven't worked with it on a day to day basis)

      I have an XML file that one of the nodes contains a link to the help docs and there are different types of help docs.

      I have this setup:

      <mx:VBox label="Help Information">
      <mx:Label text="Help Line: {dgroomRequest.selectedItem.help.hphone}" fontSize="12"/>
      <mx:Label text="Links to Docs" textAlign="left" fontWeight="bold" fontSize="12" textDecoration="underline"/>
      <mx:Repeater id="helpdocsrepeater" dataProvider="{dgroomRequest.selectedItem.help.docs}">
      <mx:LinkButton label="{helpdocsrepeater.currentItem.@type}" click="navigateToURL(new
      URLRequest({helpdocsrepeater.currentItem}), '_blank')"/>

      The problem I have is getting the URLRequest to recognize the databinding which points to the html link in the XML file. Everything else works but this part.

      I was thinking that the databinding was an obj so I thought about using toString() or wrapping it with String() to convert it but it doesn't seem to work.

      I appreciate any help or pointers.