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    My page generates an Excel file but sometimes fails if the page loads to slowly...

      I'm having a problem generating an Excel file using CF and looping over a bunch of queries to get a table of data to display to the user. This is slow but works fine except for an instance recently where the page seems to be loading but after a few minutes it stops and says "the page cannot be displayed". The error leads me to believe it is a server error and not a CF error but I'm not sure. I don't have timeout checked in my CF Admin so that should mean that I can request pages for as long as I need to right?

      I'm using the cfheader and cfcontent to dynamically generate an Excel spreadsheet from my HTML. I tried using the cfflush tag and that seemed to help since it pushes content to the browser during the page load but it doesn't work with the cfheader and cfcontent tags.

      So then I tried using the cfsavecontent tag and then save the HTML to a file but again I couldn't use the cfflush tag inside the cfsavecontent tag so now I'm stuck.

      The page DOES load when I run in on my local machine with MX 6.1 Developer Edition and SQL Server Personal Edition. It DOES NOT work when I run it on my production server that then calls my separate database server. I'm wondering if there is a timeout (non CF) set somewhere on the productions server or the database server or if there is some sort of limit to the amount of data you can transfer between servers?

      I'm totally stumped now so any advice is greatly appreciated!