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    Audio playback issue in Audition CC on Mac 10.9.1


      I am taking the Adobe Audition training class on lynda.com. I have a Mac 10.9.1 with a dual monitor system and I have the class video playing on one monitor while I have audition open in the other and I am following along with the classes. The audio from both was working just fine the last two days through 6 and a half chapters of class videos. But today when I got evertything up and going, after a few minutes the audio on the lynda.com video starts distorting and getting lower and lower. Eventually, the audio will cut out entirely. The same happens on the Audition software. I can see the meters going, but there is no audio. If I shut off Audition, the audio immediately comes back to the video playing on lynda.com. I've tried a few different hardware setups/configurations based on other people who've had similar, but not exactly, the same problem. I could REALLY use some help here. Any thoughts, guys?


      BTW, I did get an adobe flash update installed yesterday. Not sure if it's relevant or not. But i'm not sure where to go to revert to the previous version if that's the problem.