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    toc for epub

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      So I duplicated my body paragraph style, and made a few changes + re-named it TOC.


      However, when I test the epub file, none of the formatting takes effect whatsoever. Not abiding by my 'space after', not abiding by my new text point size either.




      And I don't have this style based on any other; trying to keep things clean and clearly identified this way. Of course in INDD, the changes take effect perfectly. Why not in the epub?


      One more challenge: After the chapter #, I would like to add at least .25" of space before the chapter name itself. Of course, tabs are unacceptable, nor are using regular spaces. What to do in this case?


      Thinking will experiment with a couple other ideas I have in the meantime, within the character style palette to see if I have any luck.


      Thank you.

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          To achieve a definite amount of space before the chapter heading, you can set First Line Indent in paragraph style definition to 0.25 inches and it gets mapped to text-indent property in the CSS.