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    Password Problem


      Adobe Flash will not down load for use in Safari.  It would not download on my old iMac so I bought a new iMac three days ago. Flash will still not download to Safari.  The problem is at the password box that just "shakes" when I put in the correct Administrative password. I have also tried three or four Adobe passwords and of course they will not work. I have been trying for three days to get the download to work.  The installer downloads but the Player will not.  "Chrome" downloaded Flash player with the stroke of a key.  However Safari will not, and keeps saying "plug in missing."  Am I stupid/  Is Adobe intentionally making this difficult/ Why can't Adobe make this as easy as Chrome?  Previous Adobe downloads went without a priblem.

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          Mike M Level 6

          It's your OS X Admin password - NOT an Adobe password.

          It's OS X (Gatekeeper) asking for the password - NOT the installer or Adobe.

          You'll need that password for ANY software you attempt to install on your Mac - not just updates from Adobe.

          Chrome has Flash Player built in - you CANNOT download the "PepperFlash" player plug-in anywhere - It's proprietary to the browser.