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    Skip logic not functioning for "Other" choice


      I have just noticed a possible bug: I have a multiple selection field and I opt to "include 'other' choice" in the field options.  So now I have my list of options, plus an "Other" option that requires the user to fill in a text box to specify what "other" means.  Later on, when I try to apply skip logic to the "Other" choice, the skip logic doesn't seem to work--the "other" option isn't triggering the skip logic.  I'll attach a screenshot of the skip logic to demonstrate that it's set up correctly (to the best of my knowledge):



      I'm in Chrome and I've tried this with "Other" as the only criteria and also with "Other" plus additional responses options as criteria in an "if any" logic setup.  The additional options trigger the skip logic correctly, but if "Other" is the only selection, it doesn't seem to work for me.


      Thanks for any advice or input!