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    How to request a refund

    Humidity Web Design Level 1

      Hi, Adobe live chat is currently offline so I come here for help. A few months ago I went from the FC 'free trial' to the 'basic' subscription ($14.99 pm) to the 'plus' subscription all within the space of a few days. I love the software and have now over 40 open forms including paypal integration.


      My issue is that Adobe, having taken the full year payment for the 'plus' subscription have continued to take the $14.99pm for the 'basic' subscription. I have now canceled that 'basic' subscription but how do I go about getting a refund on the 'basic' account payments as I was paying for both at the same time (I did click upgrade at the time). Secondly, I'm now freaking out that although I've paid for the 'plus' service I'm going to lose all my work when the 'basic' subscription runs out.


      Any staff online that can answer these questions? Many thanks.