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    Printing from InDesign - black lines


      Good afternoon all,


      I've started using InDesign CS6 at work to produce advertising catalogues. I've hit a bit of a wall when I print it and would like a bit of help to try and solve my issue(s).


      I have a booklet set up to print 4 pages of A4 on to double-sided A3. I printed my latest proof from InDesign this morning (just to A4)and it looked OK. I then tested it using the glossy paper we have just got today and this is when I noticed some thin black lines on the A3 print.


      To help give an idea of what I'm working with, it is a catalogue/brochure with 6 or 7 product images per page, each with a price point graphic (a circle with the price in a text frame within). The price point overlaps the product image by varying degrees.


      I've just checked again and the thin black lines are all on the left-hand edge of objects - both product images and price point images. I acquired the images from the DLibrary and the price point graphics came from a previous designer.


      The black lines do not appear on every product image, neither do they appear on every price point. They are not all the same size (height) as the frame that they are on, if that makes sense. For instance, I have an image of a pack of coffee, and the black line starts at the top of the left-hand side and finishes about halfway down. The price point for the coffee has a black line all the way down the left-hand edge.


      I have printed the catalogue to A4, it was 100% fine. I print to A3 and these lines appear. I know I could export to pdf and print from there, but that then leaves the centre spread with a white stripe down the middle and I don't have the tools or the knowledge to get rid of the borders that appear in Adobe Reader.


      I've looked in the settings and can't find anything that looks like it will help. Any advice gratefully received.