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    Adobe Edge 3 animations issues with webview on Android v4.1.1 and v4.2.1


      I am developing an Android App using webview (using phonegap/cordova v2.8.1 ) . I used Adobe Edge 3 and generated few animations using SVG images and couple of html pages


      Query #1:    Scaling of image is continously increasing with every orientation change


                   On Nexus 5,  Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 (all with Android version v4.4.2)  the Adobe Edge animations work as expected in my App, however there is one issue when ConfigChanges option in Android manifest file is set to  "orientation|screenSize" used in the main activity of my App to allow it to automatically resize this screen/images when screen orientations between portrait and landscape. This works but image size keeps increasing (never reset to original size) every time change the orientation of my Android device from portrait to landscape and vice versa.


      Is there any issue with Adobe Edge based animations w.r.t to automatically resizing based changes to screen orientation on Android ?


      Query #2:  Images(i.e. symbols) are incorrectly loaded/shown and sometime stage itself is not loaded


          On Samsung Tab 2 (v4.1.1) and Samsung S3 (v4.2.1), the same Android App runs fine, however some images are not loaded randomly, sometimes the image  is blank and sometimes incorrect symbols are overlayed onto the stage1 and stage 2 screens.


        Has body faced similar issues while using Adobe Edge generated animations with webview/phonegap based Android applications ? if yes how it was fixed ?


      This Android  App uses only the two html pages (as stage 1 and 2) and then it loads different symbols (i.e svg images) using hide and show , load composition methods to create animations.


      Let me know if there are any Adobe Edge 3 related issues specific to different version of Android  ...in particular  Android v4.0,  v4.1 and v4.2  ..because the same App works fine on Android v4.3 and v4.4


      I suspect it is due to differences and support available in webview implementations in different versions of Android.


      Any help on this is greatly appreciated !