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    Change path inside and outside areas in vector mask

    SuperSelrak Level 1

      Hey all PS/CS lovers,


           That's probably an easy one, yet, being rather new to this, I have to ask.


           So I have this vector mask on a layer, and while singing along to the Beatles I'm editing paths on it. Well, all it is is a rectangle to reframe a photo, nothing crazy. But that rectangle is too big to my taste - so I just draw another, smaller one inside it and plan on deleting the first one.


           But ! The second, smaller rectangle is viewed as a takeout from the first one (so its inside is considered "black" mask-wise, i.e. cut out, and its outside is "white", i.e. kept in). Thus, when deleting the first, bigger one, the entirety of the picture appears, except for the part I want in the middle, that's cut out ! Yes - that's the opposite of what I want.


           Now, I tried using the path selection tool and changing the fill color of the rectangle, but you can't ... So, how do you invert inside and outside of a closed path ? Thanks in advance !