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    The adobe elements log in procedure


      This procedure is extremely cumbersome, and often doesn't work. This means that I cannot access the softare that I have purchased when I need to use it.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It sounds like you may be talking about version 12 and the fact that you need to be signed into the program to activate it. But you really haven't given us enough information to be able to help you. We don't even know what operating system you're using or if you've got an always-on internet connection.


          Have you contacted Adobe with your complaint? Are you looking for help or are you just registering a complaint?


          This is a user-to-user forum, and we're glad to help where we can. But, if you're issue is with the design of the program itself, you'll probably need to contact Adobe.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Once you've signed in the first time, just don't sign out. The software stays active and doesn't even need to be connected to the Internet if you don't want it to be.


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Important. What version of Premiere Elements are you using, version 12 or 11 or a version of Premiere Elements earlier than 11?

              What computer operating system is your program running on?

              Do you work with an active Internet connection?


              If you are using Premiere Elements 12, please be advised that the Sign In with take place after you have gotten through the Sign In dialog that appears immediately after install/restart computer. If successful, you will then find under the project's Help Menu "Sign Out". Keep away from that unless you want to deactivate the program to use on a 3rd computer.


              In versions of Premiere Elements earlier than 12, Help Menu/Deactivate existed. In Premiere Elements 12 Help Menu/Sign Out = Help Menu/Deactivate.


              More details from you will allow us to fine tune our reply to your specific situation. If you are dealing with a version of Premiere Elements earlier than 11, it gets more complicated by the facts that photoshop.com is discontinued and it is often tied in with Sign In.


              Thank you.