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    Scripts you find useful

    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Just wanted to get maybe a few new free scripts and wondering if anyone is willing to share any links or code of cool scripts they have in their arsenal that just makes things easy for them.


      Here's some of my favourties that I've accumulated over the years


      Apply Clipping Path

      For some reason clipping paths may or not be applied to your photohsop files. If you turn on or off the clipping path for one image, then select the rest of the images and run the script it will apply or unapply the clipping path!


      Create Hex Swatches

      Speaks for itself really


      http://indesignsecrets.com/create-hexadecimal-color-swatches-in-indesign-for-interactive-d ocuments.php


      Footnotes to Endnotes

      Various reasons for doing this, mainly because indesign can't handle spanning footnotes across two columns!


      But it's very handy and has a lot of uses!




      This script takes it one step further by creating the cross-reference, if you need that functionality




      *****FAVOURITES COMING UP******


      Multipage Importer

      Import and place multiple PDF pages or InDeisgn Pages directly into your indesign document!


      http://indesignsecrets.com/zanelli-releases-multipageimporter-for-importing-both-pdf-and-i ndd-files.php



      There others mentioned in the link below. But Preptext is fantastic for taking in Word file that has no styles applied to it's text and it creates the bold, italic, bold italic, superscript, subscript or any other character formating into Character Styles!


      It's really fantastic!






      Smart Title Case

      You can edit the script easily enough and follow the format to add in your own conjunctions, or to add in your own intentional capital letters.


      The link to download is on the left



      Table Sort

      Does what it says on the tin - it sorts a table, quite nifty!




      Data merge into a table

      InDesigns Data Merge is quite powerful but it doesn't allow data merging into a table, say for a table plan of guests or something like that.


      This resolves that issue


      Follow the instructions carefully!



      Replace Text

      Have to replace your text with Lorem Ipsum for some reason? I requested this script and you follow the thread below






      Highlights styles within text - I find it handy for if you need multiple people to proof text - but there's bound to better uses than that!




      Batch Convert

      This is Golden! You can select a folder of InDesign files and choose an output method, from IDML, to Package, to JPEG, to whatever else is mentioned in the conversion options.



      • Set your JPEG export options by exporting a sample page first. As you don't get a dialog to choose what JPEG settings you want to choose, it uses the last JPEG setting you choose.
      • Setup a PDF export option so it's available to choose if you're batch exporting PDFs.
      • Run with no documents open to select a folder. Run with a lot of documents already open and it will use them.










      It basically lets you select what pages to export to a specific format - it's very handy and easy to use.


      I use it mostly for RTFs as InDesigns RTF export is a bit dodgy.


      (the Batch Convert above for RTFs of multiple files is just pure golden!






      That's it


      Hope to hear from the rest of you guys on the scripts that make your life handier while using InDesign!

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Good idea for a thread!


          One script that I use regularly and is very useful is the late Teus de Jong's HyphenationChecker. This displays a complete list of all hyphenated words used in a document so that you can double-check them at a glance. Available here:



          I also must mention a couple of my own freebies, both of which I use regularly. I'll just copy the blurb from my site:


          Quick Apply with Next Style

          Have you always wished that the quick-apply feature would respect your paragraph style’s Next Style setting? Have you always wished that there would be an easy shortcut for Next Style? Well, now there is!

          Case Cycle

          This little script is a great timesaver. It simply cycles through three of InDesign’s capitlization options: All caps, lowercase, sentence case.


          They can both be accessed from this page: http://www.freelancebookdesign.com/scripts

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Thanks for sharing! Those are great!


            Quick apply with next style will definitely come in handy!



            For some reason my code for the Apply Clipping Path didn't turn out...


            for (s=0; s<app.selection.length; s++)

            try {

              with (app.selection[s].graphics[0].clippingPath)


               appliedPathName = photoshopPathNames[0];

               clippingType = ClippingPathType.PHOTOSHOP_PATH;


            } catch(_) {}