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    Exposure Droplet

    russellsnr Level 1

      Hi, Can you please advise me on a problem I am having trying to make a droplet in Photoshop from an action I am trying to create.

      I want to send an image from Lightroom to Photoshop so I can make an additional two images, one with increased exposure of 2 stops and one with decrease exposure of 2 stops so I have the same image back in Lightroom 3 times. (-2, 0, +2)

      I have tried opening from Lightroom to Photoshop and then making an action of exposure layer plus 2 stops then flatten that and choose save so to re-import it back to Lightroom then do again for the minus 2 stops flatten and save again but I must be doing something wrong as I only get 2 images back in Lightroom, the original and an original copy.

      I no I can make virtual copies in Lightroom and change exposure there on each but if I have for example 20 images that’s a lot of virtual copy making.

      I thought if I have a droplet then just drop 20 images on it from Lightroom it would do the work automatically and speed things up.

      I hope you understand the question.

      Thank You in Advance.