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    Uncheck "Show list of problem tags" programmatically - place tagged text

    Swati999 Level 1



      I am Adobe Cloud member and working on developing an extension for InDesign. I am using ExtensionBuilder 2.1 as an IDE and ActionScript as development language.


      When I perform InDesign's Place, by opening a document and  File > Place.. in the import options, I see "Show list of problem tags before place" checkbox. I can uncheck it and pick a file with tagged text and it does not show me any problems present in the tagged text. I want to achieve this behavior programmatically.


      I am importing  tagged text on the InDesign document via 'Place' prgrammatically. I am using below function for this:

      myDocument.place(myArray, false);

      I understand that options for placing tagged text can be modified by  app.taggedTextImportPreferences  object. But I do not see any relevant function for unchecking "Show list of problem tags before place" checkbox.


      Any help is much appreciated.


      - Swati.