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    called in for support

    Rodney from Canada Level 1

      they wanted me to pay for the help. I see one logo on bottom in box says install Adobe Flash Player with a magnafire glass and I see a pic of the flash player box on my main screen please help thanks  I am on Mac 10.5.8 How do I up date this as well thanks 

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          Mike M Level 6

          >About This Mac


          Is your Mac PowerPC® or Intel®?

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            Rodney from Canada Level 1

            as said its a MAC G5 PC and they told me to go to youtube see if a movie shows up it did so I assume it fine but when I log into Pal talk it slow loading it was fast before.

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              Mike M Level 6



              Your troubles with this Mac are just beginning, sir. Websites that use Flash for cam chat, are constantly updating their code to require the latest version, and your Mac simply will not run it.


              OS 10.5 was the final build Apple made for Power PC systems, and they abandoned the hardware in 2005, the software in 2009. There is nothing on earth that will ever allow your computer to run anything newer than what's on it presently... ever.


              I know people hate to hear it about "a perfectly good computer" but PowerPC Macs are obsolete. You can't even get Apple to do repairs on one anymore. If you burn up a power supply, they'll tell you bluntly, that you need to replace your Mac with an Intel Mac, because they won't touch the old one.


              I wish there was better, or more palletable answer than that, but there isn't. I loved my PowerPC Macs, especially my G5 iMac, but its time came and went, and I moved on to Intel® systems. They're much faster, much cooler, and more stable. It's time to look at a New Mac.