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    speak to someone real

    Lee Darcy Level 1

      how can i speak ot a human being about my account that is being incorrectly billed? the lack of service is terrible

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          Rajashree Bhattacharya Adobe Employee

          Hi Lee,


          Welcome to Adobe Forum,


          The plan was changed from monthly to yearly in Nov 8, 2013, it is documented in Case Number 211842636.

          The next billing date is 08-Nov-2014. I have send you an E-mail, please check.

          Please feel free to contact in case of any query.




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            Lee Darcy Level 1

            Thanks for this information but you are not helping and it is a typical answer from a company that provides no service what so ever.

            I upgraded my account from a basic account paid monthly to a plus account paid annulally, and you have confirmed this. The annual plus account should enable me to create more the 5 forms, the fact is my account doesn't let me do that. I still have all the features of a basic account but for some months I have been trying to decypher the complex website that you present to find a customer support number I could actually ralate my complaint to. I had to resort to asking a question on this forum.

            Please can you contact me ++44 208 926 9044 or at lee@insighteventsuk.com and explain:

            1. why I am not getting the benefits you advertise I should get by upgrading
            2. what compensation you will offer or contract extension in time, for the last 4 months I have not had what I paid for (I have had to overwrite forms I had previiously created).
            3. A sensible explanation other than it makes more money for you as to why you do not provide people with a contact centre or the service they might expect from such an organisation as yours

            I look forward to receiving your reply very shortly.

            Lee D'Arcy