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    Huge performance disparities between two setups.


           Hello all,


      This is my first post around here, I'm glad to join your community


      I stumbled upon a strange behavior last days. Let me explain.


      On one hand I have a 3930k/32gigs/GTX570 with SSDs, dedicated HDs for footage/cache etc.

      On an other hand a small "render farm" (one computer ATM) based on a 4770/12gigs/GTX460/1 SSD


      Basically there is a huge performance difference between those computer, but not in the right way,

      the supposedly inferior 4770 build outperform the 3930 one.


      Let me clarify : I'm talking about "still" renders, manually, frame-by-frame, when I'm working live on my comp with Trapcode particular and a bunch of other effects.

      Each frame takes 3 or 4 times more to render one the "strongest" computer. On the 4770 it's delightful, snappy as hell, on my 3930 I want to throw everything through the window since it's awfully slow.

      As a side note, activity monitor shows a better CPU utilization on the 4770 (30 or 40% of each core versus 1 saturated core on the 3930)


      I'm aware that 4770 is a bit better in mono-thread performance (150 versus 120 on single thread CINEBENCH 15) but the difference is too steep...


      I've excluded software parameters influence by putting the 4770's SSD on my workstation, booted up, still slow...


      Any advice ?


      Otherwise I'm considering swapping my workstation with my render farm (which is not comfortable as I don't have firewire audio etc. on the render blade)



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You could have missed a motherboard driver or have wrong versions of specific DLLs that prevent more efficient threading. Similarly, other drivers or processes could get in the way. Even specific BIOS/ EFI settings for clock cycles, temperature control or power modes could influence such stuff. I'm afraid this is more complex than just saying "flip this and that switch" and you will not get satisfactory answers on this forum.



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            Phykiss Level 1

            Strange because MP rendering works a treat, twelve cores used.

            AESELFLINKs are not capped to 100% usage, when 6 cores are allocated in prefs, six AESELFLINK will use ~200% each.


            BUT when rendering a single frame in the timeline (not RAM preview) main after effects process is capped to 100% whereas my second setup shows a ~300/~400 cpu usage.


            That's a nonsense...


            I'm trying all sort of sorcellery but I can't isolate the problem.

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              Phykiss Level 1

              I've made some additionnals tests, OS is not the problem : I tried both OS X and Windows 7 and they shows exactly the same symptoms (low cpu usage, capped to 100, when the 4770 top to 300/400).

              8 to 10 seconds to render a single frame when my second setup (4770) took 3... as always the tests are rigorous, exactly the same project, swapped OS drives on both machine etc.


              The only things I can think about now is at BIOS level or something... I'm on the latest Asus P9X79 firmware though.


              What bother me is that benchmarks and other cpu hogs apps (C4D...) are working fine and roughyl similar on both machines...




              Some benches that sum up everything,

              total time to render the same after effect project, multiprocessing DISABLED. Fresh installs for OSes (I swap boot drives in both setup for ultimate consistency)

              4770 / OS X : 6m20

              4770 / WIN : 5m58 (+6% over OS X)

              3930k / OS X : 19m3

              3930k / WIN : 14m57