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    Peterlen my PS CS4  and not being able to print


      Hi Folks. Firstly many thanks to all those who responded so promptly. My first time using this Forum and I am amazed to have had so many replies. Alas, not directly solving my problem    .......... but some pointers ..and now    part  SUCCESS !!


      Using a Mac- Mountain Lion/ Epsom 2880.   ALways able to print via LightRoom 5 and Word etc  but not from PS CS4.


      I had the idea to Log out then Log on as a 'Guest'...........and....images printed perfectly. 


      So I guess there is a glitch in my 'User'    Permissions file.   I'll try to sort it by removing PS CS4 and re-install. My only worry is that as not supported by Adobe will I get the updates I previously had ?   Any ideas ?      See you all soon , with success I hope.