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    Resize stage without having to reposition all elements?


      Hi, I am new to Adobe Edge and apologize if this is a dumb question.


      I am needing to change the size of my stage without repositioning everything as the animation is already complete. The reason being that all elements on the left-hand side are being removed by the client and I don't want to move anything else (from the right side), I just need the stage width adjusted so that the empty left side is no longer included. Basically, just need to crop out the left side. However, if I change the width of the stage, it obviously just adjusts from the center point and then I lose my elements on the right. Does this make sense?


      Here is a link to the animation: http://liquidfish.com/files/pc/steps.html. The part I am needing to remove is all the text/numbers.


      A work around might be to convert everything to a single movie clip and just move the one item, I guess. However, that is definitely not ideal.


      Any help would be sincerely appreciated. I need to get this back to the client and live asap :-/