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    FPJ files not updating upon topic import


      Hi, Gang!


      We have a large project file that's been maintained seeming forever. It's probably nearly 8 years old and has been upgraded through four or five versions of RoboHelp. To take advantage of some downtime in between versions, we decided to create a fresh project and import all of the content from the age-old project file into a new, pristine project file. Very briefly, the process was:


      1. Create a new project and define a folder hierarchy in the Project Manager to match the original project. That is, create empty directories in the proper hierarchy for the project.
      2. Import one folder at a time, beginning with the lowest levels of each branch and working through the project.


      This worked really well except for about 30 broken links. Further investigation refvealed that the broken links were caused by files that imported but did not show up in the project manager because the fpj files didn't update.


      I can manually import the missing files and one-by-one, the broken links disappear. But, because the fpj files aren't updating (verified by watching the fpj file for a given directory as I reimport files), the problem topics and resultant broken links reappear when I reopen the project.


      By doing this repeatedly, I can occassionally get one or two fpj files to update, slightly changing the number of topics that are missing. But I can't get rid of them all.


      I've tried opening the project using the hhp file instead and letting the project rebuild, but that doesn't help.


      I've tried resetting the properties of the project directory to ensure that nothing is read-only, but that doesn't help.


      I've tried deleting just th fpj files in the problem directories and reimporting but that doesn't help. It creates a new fpj file but it has no topics listed, no matter how many times I try to import.


      So, here I sit with a project that's 90% there, were it not for the missing 10% of files that refuse to "stick" because when I import them the fpj files don't update.


      (I'm running version 10 and am wondering if version 11 would maybe solve my problem.)


      Any advice?




      ------later that same day-------


      If I manually edit the fpj file for every offending directory and paste into it the content from the well behaved fpj files in the original project, the topics stay after project relaunch and the broken links stay resolved. The next step is to see if newly added topics are retained or if, once again, the fpj files are static and refuse to update.


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