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    Is anyone having problems with InDesign CC 'save' when UTC auto activation is on?


      We recently switched to Creative Cloud and I've been having troubles with saving out of InDesign CC when I have the Universal Type Client 'auto activation' plug-in turned on. It acts like it is saving the InDesign file, but afterwards, when I try to close the file it still asks if I'd like to save it, and no matter how many times I say yes (and go through the motions of saving) it never actually saves the file. Once the auto activation plug-in is turned off I am able to save normally with no problems, other than having to manually activate fonts for every file I open.

      Both versions of InDesign CC (v 9.2) and the the plug-in (v are up to date. I have also manually reset the InDesign Defaults and InDesign SavedData preferences. Still have the problem. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any suggestions I haven't yet tried?