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      I have a network of 30 people who work on our website. We are having trouble administering our newer users because the settings we make are ignored by their C3 clients. We deny creating new blank pages, using starter pages templates and various other abilities. When some of our users log in, they are able to create blank pages, starter template pages, etc. They are also not able to perform rollbacks (the option is grayed out). Other (typically older) users don't have this problem. We are running CPS on the server and switched Contrib into Compatibility Mode a few months ago, but this problem developed only about one month ago. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? How did you resolve it?
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          I figured out what my problem was. When I was setting up Contribute on the user machines, I had been setting the site in the connection setup to my.site.com/department, but CPS controls my.site.com/ (not /department). The client computers were not connecting to CPS at all! Oops. I think I'll use connect:my.site.com in the future to save headaches.