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    Synchronization via FTP

    ccsimmons Level 1

      Is CFBuilder dropping FTP synchronization, or is it just not part of Thunder yet?  Or should I install some 3rd party plugin.  Yes I know FTP synchronization is old school.

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          scottberry Level 1

          Interested in this as well.

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            Stephen.Walker Level 2

            It still supports FTP Sync, but it is not intuitive.  First you export a project with FTP to establish the settings, and then go to Window >>Show View >>Team >>Synchronize.  More information is available in the Help called "Guide to WebDav and FTP"

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              Very difficult to use - a step back from CFB2.  I don't understand the logic behind this change.  I constantly use synchronise to compare differences and update remote servers on a constant basis; this is a big disappointment.

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                Stephen.Walker Level 2

                I agree.  Usability close to zero.

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                  Charlie Arehart Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  As for any lack of FTP support (or any other gaps one may find in CFB). It’s worth keeping in mind that since CFBuilder is based on Eclipse, it’s therefore extensible. (Whether we should HAVE to seek alternative solutions is of course a separate discussion.) But the good news is that there are other solutions in Eclipse for doing FTP operations.


                  (Let me preface the rest of what I’m about to say with the comment that I have not yet tried to add FTP functionality to CFBuilder 3 (let alone CFB2 or 1), and I’m not a regular user of Eclipse, so if you may ask any follow-up technical questions, I may have nothing I can offer. But I thought the following info may help some readers here.)


                  There are primarily two solutions for FTP in Eclipse that are mentioned most often.


                  First in fact one built by the Eclipse team called “Remote System Explorer”. Note that you do have to add it manually (specifically, you want the “End-User Runtime” in RSE). 


                  For more on it, see a barebones intro to getting it at http://anothercomputingblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/ftpsftp-support-in-eclipse-with-remote.ht ml, and getting started with it (http://ikool.wordpress.com/2008/07/22/ssh-access-through-eclipse-rse/). Or you can find much more detail in the RSE user guide (http://help.eclipse.org/kepler/index.jsp?topic=%2Forg.eclipse.rse.doc.user%2Fgettingstarte d%2Fg_start.html). Note that’s the Eclipse docs for the Kepler (4.3) version of Eclipse, which is what CFB supports. Finally, there’s still more detail on RSE in the FAQ at its wiki: http://wiki.eclipse.org/TM_and_RSE_FAQ.  There’s even a video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ASxltuXKic.  Those blog entries would also be good places to ask follow-up questions to folks who use it often, but perhaps others who have used it with CFB may chime in here over time.


                  The second of the most commonly mentioned means of “adding FTP to Eclipse” is adding Aptana (http://www.aptana.org/products/studio3), which is actually a much broader toolkit/plugin for web app development. And some will know that it was itself bundled in CFB’s previous version.  Adobe removed it for various reasons, some being that I suspect some folks didn’t like all that it did (or how it did some things). So Adobe rewrote much of its functionality themselves, focused on what they felt CF most developers needed that Aptana didn’t do well. I’m sure there are lots of holes where they may not have built as robust a solution as Aptana had had. So it’s a personal decision now for someone to consider adding that back in for FTP support. It may be overkill.


                  And I’m not at all saying you should not let Adobe know you feel there remain holes in what they have or have not added in CFB3. I’m just pointing out possible alternatives until such an issue is ever addressed.


                  Finally, the stackoverflow entry I pointed out above has still a couple more mentioned in its comments: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/95800/how-do-i-add-ftp-support-to-eclipse, and of course googling would find still others of less frequent mention.


                  Again, this is not yet a problem I’ve tried to solve myself, so I’m not putting myself forward to answer questions as you may explore these. I’m just pointing them out given the observations raised in this thread, and in the hope that perhaps you folks or others may chime in with their experience over time. Hope it’s helpful.





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                    p3142 Level 1

                    Charlie, thanks for the note. Useful as always.


                    Yes, you are correct that Aptana provided the file comparison/synchronisation/ftp functionality in CFB2. 


                    It's a pity something simple - and essential (for us at least) - was not integrated.  We constantly use the file comparison/synchronisation/ftp function in CFB2; we'll try RSE, but it's a lot of extra time and effort to install and configure what we consider to be IDE base functionality.


                    I have also posted and enhancement request (as well as a bug report).  Feels to me like CFB has potential, but is a 1.0 product with a few niggles to work out.  Hopefully the dev team is still engaged to clean it up a bit.

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                      tjbugler Level 1

                      Thanks Charlie,


                      RSE is very easy to install - http://help.eclipse.org/kepler/index.jsp?topic=%2Forg.eclipse.rse.doc.user%2Fgettingstarte d%2Fg_start.html


                      FTP functionality is back...

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                        wannab0133 Level 1

                        I have RSE installed and my remote ftp connection set up and working.  Now, how do I go about synchronizing my project?  I know I can copy the files and paste within the RSE perspective.  But, I want to be working in my project and, for example, put a file to the remote system via FTP.  I am not finding that setting up this functionality in CFB3 is intuitive.  I am used to using Dreamweaver, but wanted to check out CFB3.

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                          angryglock Level 1

                          CFB 3 is a freaking mess. The FTP/RDS/SYNC is impossible to navigate. It's like they are trying to make it impossible on purpose.