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    Adobe Forms - co-authors having trouble verifying email


      I have set up a form and added two coworkers as co-authors. Their invitation email includes a link to the form, but when the click it, they are never asked to verify their email addresses. Forms Central will not let me include their names in the "from" field because the addresses are not verified.


      Very frustrated -- we did this before with other forms, and I do not recall any issues whatsoever. I send the co-author an invitation, they clicked a link, and we were good to go.  That is not happening now. Also, the "learn more" link shown in the screenshot is not working - nothing happens.



      Another gripe -- I hate having only "community-based support."  Sometimes you NEED REAL-TIME HELP. Like now. This is a time-sensitive project, and I have no time to waste, so any help I can get QUICKLY is very much appreciated.