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    Document's Articles Panel ignored in Book while exporting to EPUB


      Using InDesign CC (v9.2) on Mac - Mavericks OS


      I'm creating a navigational TOC for ebooks by using an InDesign Book. Currently, it contains 3 (soon to be more) InDesign documents.


      One InDesign document that is included in the Book contains an Articles Panel defining the display order of the objects in that document. It happens to be the first document in that Book, so it is the source. The other 2 InDesign documents in the Book do not have anything in their Articles Panels.


      When the Book is exported to EPUB, the objects from the source InDesign document are out of order - it's as though the Book ignores the document's Articles Panel.


      When I tried exporting to EPUB from the Book and selected Content order: Same as Articles Panel, the resulting EPUB contains the source InDesign document with the Articles Panel (and the objects are in the proper order) but the other 2 InDesign documents are not displayed.


      What can be done to have the Book honor the Articles Panel of that inDesign document?