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    pdf from indesign does not print black text on background


      (Windows 7, Indesign CS6, Adobe X pro)


      Got a thing here that defies logic.


      I'm typesetting a book where the last sections of each chapter should have a coloured background, full width of the page (a percentage of the spot colour I use). The spot colour at 100% is also used for section headings and the like. That means some pages have a completely coloured background, for which I made a master page. The first of these pages should only have a background for the sections concerned (the rest of the page should have no background). So I made an object style with exactly the same colour and transparency settings as the frame on the master page.  I anchor a so-styled frame to the spot from where the page should have a colour (so it will always start at exactly the right spot). Works fine.

      When I print directly from Indesign, there is no problem. When I export it to pdf, there doesn't seem to be a problem either.


      But when I print the pdf pages, black text on the page with the anchored frame doesn't show on the background. On the rest of the page it does. Coloured text does show, even on the background. On the other pages (with the couloured master page) there is no problem either.


      I've used anchored background frames many times before, without a problem.


      Anybody has a clue what's going on here?