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    How can I get the Creative Cloud Desktop app To work on Windows Vista?


      Currently My CC Desktop app is a greyed out icon.

      It has been on and off for months now.

      I have called technical support several times and been directed to

      1) Uninstall it

      2) Run the cleaner

      3) Turn AV Software off

      4) Delet my prefrences

      5) Delet Hosts file in Windows 32 folder

      6) Restart, Restart,

      7) Use a diffent User account. etc.

      The apps work= PS, INDD, AE, PROJ, AI, DW, Fla, etc.

      But the Creative Cloud Destop app does not. I have to use the web browser to upload or sync any files.

      Anyone have any other ideas I welcome them.


      My specs,

      Running windows vista, on a very good HP machine.


      I have been a loyal Adobe Customer, For more than 15 years.

      I have been an Adobe Certified Expert for 3 years or more.

      I work professionaly with this software as a teacher. I have taught this software to college grads. and now to highschool students.

      Ususally Adobe is one of the best companies to deal? Please stop farming your support calls to other countries, The connections are poor, and the support is terrible and it is damaging your reputation.