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    PE 11 new install on WinXP system - Debug event error, can't open program


      Hi everyone,


      I searched the community for similar errors and followed a couple of troubleshooting steps suggested for older versions of PE, but they didn't work. I just installed Premiere Element 11 on my Windows XP office desktop (also installed PS Elements 11, which works without a problem.) Install went well and I rebooted the system as prompted. Every time I attempt to open Premiere however (I am not attempting to load any video files, I just want to open the program to start a new project), I get the splash screen at first, but after a few seconds of "Loading" and/or "Initializing" a bunch of parameters, the program hangs and following screen pops up:


      "Premiere Element Debug Event"

      Premiere Element has encountered an error.




      When I click on "Continue" the following window pops up:


      "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library"

      Runtime Error!

      Program: ..e\Adobe Premiere Elements 11\Adobe Premiere Elements.exe

      The application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way.

      Please contact the application's support team for more information.



      So, here I am support team... Need more information, lol. I will also add that clicking the OK after the second window pops up often doesn't close the Premiere splash window still visible in the background, I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL and kill it manually by ending the process in Task Manager.


      I installed the same program - same s/n - on my home computer as well, with no issues (that's a much newer, and much faster, Windows 8.1 system however.) I think you are entitled to install 2 copies though, right? So this wouldn't be related to too many attempts to register the same software?


      Thanks for any help.