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    SWiSH Alternatives?

    Dthi89 Level 1



      Does anybody know, or can anyone recommend alternatives to SWiSH? Wondering also - can anyone recommend any Extensions for automating text animation, please?

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Any particular effect you're trying to achieve? Most of what comes in SWiSH is easily reproducable or already supported natively (drop shadows? bevel? shape morphing? c'mon).


          One thing you should consider is if you have After Effects, all the text animation presets can be converted to Flash keyframe animations and there are quite a few.

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            Dthi89 Level 1

            No particular effect... Just a way to avoid the work of tweening . I just did a quick test on AE CC, the anim text - didn't notice it until now in fact. I can see XFL export has been removed. Exported to SWF and tried importing into Flash CC, unsupported format message!


            I like SWiSH - wish they'd update to W8.1 - but, I'll trial it on W7 - I'm sure it even better than it was a few years back...



            So - yes - you say converted, not exported, did a quick search, no obvious results - ??

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              Dthi89 Level 1

              aH! "Importing swf to timeline or library is dropped in CC." http://forums.adobe.com/message/5425514

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                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                Yep, I didn't see CC mentioned as your target and sort of guessed you might be using something older considering SWiSH, but if you have CC you have CS6. AE CS6 supports exporting to XFL.

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                  Dthi89 Level 1

                  Right, OK... I've seen this mentioned elsewhere actually - so possible to have 2 separate AE versions installed...


                  Seems like Flash anim presets themselves are more than adequate for the basic text anims I'm trying out...


                  Thanks for your guidance - much appreciated....

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                    Dthi89 Level 1

                    For others: got the CS6 version download - https://creative.adobe.com/products/aftereffects .

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                      Dthi89 Level 1

                      Tried a simple text position anim, export as XFL (FLV & PNG unselected), tried Opening file in FL Pro CC, got a cannot open file error.

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                        sinious Most Valuable Participant

                        I had no issue opening mine, however oddly different from CS5.5, After Effects only supported exporting the text animation as a FLV or PNG sequence (I'm assuming it was the much more sophisticated blur Flash can't replicate). But I had no issue opening the XFL and copying the assets into a different project.


                        What kind of error?


                        Note: You can use Flash CS6 if you don't require any of the new features of Flash CC (actually I think CS6 has a lot more features at the moment ).

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                          Dthi89 Level 1

                          No major failure, just: "An error occured opening file..../....". Just did a pos anim in AE, Export as XFL, selected Ignore - then tried Opening in FLCC...


                          I'll try FLCS6 - Not sure why this is major for me, now, but since I've started, might as well try. No harm in adding CS6...


                          Ha! Well, should try the bone tool - CS6 seems to be more - but I'm getting the impression that other apps like Edge, Builder filling spaces previously occupied by Flash...



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                            Dthi89 Level 1

                            Can Open XFL exported from AECS6, in FLCS6, but text, whether a Text layer in main timelines or PreComp'd in AE, isn't present in FL = empty keyrame. Just the blackground colour. FPS, and HD (24FPS) dimensions in Document panel.


                            I'm expecting vector output - think PNG is th norm... No probs opening PNGs.

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                              Dthi89 Level 1

                              "Exporting as XFL from After Effects is not a good way to work with vector graphics."





                              OK - so, I'll stick to Flash anim presets. And trial SWiSH...



                              Thanks for your help, and again your guidance.

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                                Dthi89 Level 1

                                "Use the Flash uncompressed XFL file format with a source control system to enable designers and developers to collaborate on Flash projects. Contributors can edit different assets simultaneously and see updated assets as soon as they are checked in."


                                This is the point of XFL...
                                http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-flash-professional-cs5/working-with-uncompressed-xfl-files -and-source-control/





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                                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                  Sure is. Instead of an all-in-one binary format they spread the assets out in a folder and use XML to declare symbols, timelines, keyframes, etc. That turns it into ASCII, something very easy to manage with a repository. Not that binary can't be managed but the changes to the document (as you noted) are far easier to 'diff' in version management.


                                  You'll need to keep ignore unchecked to see everything. Remember AE is fairly sophisticated in how it animates, especially if you have blur enabled on every layer. That's going to force what it renders to be FLV or PNGs because Flash simply has no way of reproducing it "exactly".


                                  Everything being so mobile-oriented, i'd stick to as much video as you can anyhow. It's easier to animate in, has better overall look per performance and is mobile friendly. It'll make converting to mobile friendly that much quicker.

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