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    Am new to Adobe Pro and need help?


      1. When using text box identified as multi lines, how to cause text box to simply expand as you add rows rather than default to scroll feature? When I print out form I want to see all the input and scroll feature prevents that?


      2. In word or excel I can insert rows to cause words and shapes on a page to move down. Is there a way in this program to insert a blank row to cause what is below that row to move down?


      3. How do I copy the page 1 header so it repeats on all subsequent pages?


      Thank you

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          I am assuming in these answers that all of this form authoring is in the FormsCentral desktop application included with Acrobat Professional XI...


          For #1: In the PDF the text box cannot expand as the user enters text, that is just how the PDF works outside of FormsCentral, it will scroll the text.  If you are using FormsCentral to collect responses you can "Download the Response as a PDF form" and it will look like the original form filled out, all the multi-line text fields are all automatically expanded to fit the text in this PDF so that you can print it out.  So, for the PDF users fill out, it scrolls, if they submit the data back to FormsCentral you can download that response as a PDF with expanded text fields.


          For #2: You can insert a formatted text field without entering any text, or insert a line and make it the same color as the background.  If you need to create a page break, make sure you are in "Page View" from the View menu to add page breaks for the PDF form and insert a page break there.


          For #3: You can add the same types of form elements that are in the header anywhere else in the form, insert a page break as described above and then add the image and/or text elements side by side for the header on each new page.