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    Unable to Open adobe reader Portfolios due to flash not being installed


      Flash : 12.0

      Adobe Reader: 11.05

      OS: Windows 8.1

      Browser: IE 11




      when launching a PDF that is classed as a portfolio I get the below error which appears to require flash to be installed.




      two things im sort of observing:

      • due to being on windows 8.1 Flash is now installed via Microsoft. I cannot find a valid update for windows 8.1 from adobe site  can find for windows 8 but nothing for windows 8.1
      • Since Flash player Plugin is no longer bundled with Adobe Reader I need to install seperatly but i cant because of point 1.


      If i install the windows 8 version of flash onto the machine I can open the PDF file no problem but by doiing this im not sure what file i might be over wrtiing and cause further issues down the track .


      Read somewhere that the NPSWF64_12_0_0_70.dll is what adobe reader would use . copy the file to the required location and registering the dll seemed to do nothing as i get the same error.


      My question is how can i get the Flash Plugin for Adobe reader to work so that I can open PDF portfolios ?