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    ExternalInterface fails in IE cross-domain?

      This is not as complex as it sounds, really. At it's core is a simple question that requires context to fully understand. Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!

      On example1.com, I have an html file with one single line of js which calls an external js file (which is hosted on example2.com). In example2.com's js file, I'm using a js document.write() to create a div and place my swf inside of it. The swf has a flv, and when the flv is done playing, I'm using ExternalInterface to call a js function (also in example2.com's js file) that will set the innerHTML of my newly created div to "", then set it's css to 'display=none', essentially killing the div.

      Every element of this works perfectly on FF/Win, FF/Mac, & Safari, I've tested each bit -- but the flash/js communication in win/IE doesn't work at all. Previously, I tried the flash js integration kit and got the same results. Does IE or flash just not allow this for some reason? Maybe because the swf is served from example2.com while trying to call a script that, while also served from example2.com, was actually written to a page served from example1.com? Any security experts know a workaround? (I'm using allowScriptAccess="always") Thanks again...