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    Any other suggestions on how to stop Indesign CS5 from crashing?

    water design

      Indesign CS5 was running fine on computer (mac 10.6.8) for a couple of years until a few months ago when it started crashing randomly, this has become progressively more frequent until it would crash at launch. So far I've:



      Resolved font conflicts through Font Book.

      Ran Disk Utility to repair permissions.

      Deleted Indesign cache.

      Uninstalled Creative Suite.

      Deleted all Adobe preference files and cache on the HD and user profile.

      Did a system search for anything Adobe and deleted this as well.

      Reset the computers PRAM.

      Reinstalled Creative Suite.

      Installed all updates.



      Opened Indesign and was working fine for a few minutes until I selected preferences from pull down menu and then it hung, crashed and is following the pattern as before... 



      I'm outta ideas on what to do, any suggestions?