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    GTX 770 4GB or GTX 780 3GB for ray-trace and element 3D? (More VRAM or more CUDA cores?)

    Eric T Arroyo Level 1

      To preface this question I know that need to upgrade my CPU, max out my RAM, and get multiple hard disks or SSDs before I put the money into a video card. So I've done that (specs below). Now it's time for me to wrap up the system with a video card. I use a LOT of element 3D, often with hundreds of 3D bodies or a few very high poly count models.


      I know that element 3D (as well as Ray-traced 3D) takes advantage of the video card, but I'm not sure what matters more for those two processes, more VRAM or more CUDA cores. The 780 has around 800 more CUDA cores, but 1GB less memory. Will the decrease in memory negate the advantage of the increase in CUDA cores? I read somewhere that memory bandwidth matters the most after you reach a certain amount of cores and VRAM, but I can't find the article anymore. Cost isn't an issue between these two as I'm willing to spend up to $550 for a card.


      If anyone can shine some light on this that would be super helpful. Thanks in advance for any responses! :-)



      i7-3930k OC'd to 4.5GHz

      120GB SSD for OS and Adobe programs (no games)

      250GB SSD for scratch files, global cache, etc.

      500GB HDD for media files. (Replacing with SSD soon)

      16GB 1866MHz RAM (see note below)

      GTX 460 SE


      Note: I was going to add another 32GB of RAM for a total of 48GB before buying the video card, but the prices are up $100 from the last time I looked at them and the prices should be going down a bit over the next few months so I'm going to buy the RAM when that happens.