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    Videos not rendering?


      I'm using Premier Elements 12, I show the yellow/orange line at the top of the workspace which means that the clips need to be rendered.  I click on the Render button above the time line and nothing happens?  I've also clicked on the Render Work Area selection in the Timeline drop down list, but nothing happens. 


      Mac OSX Mavericks


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Does the orange line go over your whole Timeline content?


          Assure that the gray tabs of the Work Area Bar span the Timeline content to be rendered?


          Where are your video preview files directed and how much free hard drive space is at that location?

          Please see Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks/Video Previews.


          Is this a "it worked before but not now" or "it never worked before" type issue?


          And, you are confirming that this orange line is above the Timeline (at the level of the Work Area Bar) and not the orange line (rubberband) that can been seen running horizontally acorss the inside of the video clip?


          Please let us know if any of the above applies to your situation. If not, could you please post a screenshot of your Timeline content when it is in the state where it cannot be rendered.





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            mbender66 Level 1

            It does not cover the entire timeline, it only covers certain portions of clips on the timeline.  It was a worked before but not now issue.  What fixed it was the gray bar did not cover the entire timeline.  Once I positioned the bar over all of the clips, and select Render, it rendered the video w/o issues.  The line at the top of the timeline is now green, thanks for you assistance.  I'm new to PE12.




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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Great, great news. Good job in resolving the problem.


              Follow up was much appreciated.


              Please do not hesitate to ask questions and ask for clarification for anything written here.


              Best wishes