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    Unexplained Timeline Audio Looping

    A.T. Romano Level 7

      ID upholsteryteacher has been running into unexplained Timeline audio looping issues running Premiere Elements 10 on MacBook Pro.

      The user writes


      But every now and then I get a clip that decides to loop. Just like a previous thread, it's playing along fine, then it cuts back to the beginning of the clip. On the timeline, you can see a tiny little vertical mark on the audio that is probably a loop designation, but not done by me. I've gone back to the media, files and camera to try to re load the media, and sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Since I'm not changing any numbers, any settings, any codecs, anything--where is this coming from?


      Upholseteryteacher has encountered problems starting a new thread so I am doing that for this user and setting up this thread for exchange of information for the troubleshooting.


      First thing I have to rule in or out is whether we have a Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA GeForce user who has fallen into the epidemic of display issues and unexplained happening related to Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA.


      So, upholsteryteacher


      1. What video card does your computer use? If not NVIDIA, then we do not need to go down that road. All the Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA issues that I recall have been Windows related so this may be a non issue for you if your computer does not have a NVIDIA video card on your Mac computer.


      I hope this new thread expedites communications on your issue.


      Thank your for all your follow up.