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    Referencing multiple images by ID

      The overview: I have a movie with a text input that pulls a name from an array and associates a logo ID with it. After the user selects a name, they hit a button which loads the logo image into an empty movie clip. I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up the movie that shows the logo . I have about 50 logos that need to be associated with a name and I don't know how to call the exact logo from flash based on the ID I have in the array.

      I was thinking of creating one .swf with 50 frames and on each frame have an action that creates an empty movie clip and attaches a movie from the library (one of 50 movie clips with one logo per movie clip). Can I then use the Linkage property to manually associate an ID with the logos? I still don't know the actions necessary to put on the button that would make the appropriate logo ID appear. Arrgg.

      I know there is a better way but i'm just not seeing it. Any suggestions?