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    How to specify the saving path pdf by a "saveas" button in Javascript?



      Firstly, I use LiveCycle ES3 designer on PC. I created a form with a button executing a Java script that opens a dialog box "save as ..." like this:

      \ \ Script save-as \ \

      app.execMenuItem ("SaveAs");

      I would like to predefine a file path to open the dialog box that opens by default on the current location of the file "C: \ export \" for example.

      Could someone help me telling me the code and nomenclature to be used for this?

      I know Livecycle use XFA language and can use the "myDoc.saveAs ();" but I do not know how :-/

      I found this post in this forum but I don't understand how to use this code directly with a click event on a button



      There is also a tutorial here but I can not seem to apply



      Thank you in advance for your help :-)