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    Need help?


      Hi All,


      Using script listiner coding i have used the contac sheet plugin for some automate task, but every time i need to tigger the "OK" button on the contact sheet, can i skip this process,


      I want the script to be excute in one shot.



      #target photoshop

      var idzeroBsevenoneDtwotwooneFeightCEoneonedtwoBtwooneBzerozerozeroeightCsevenfiveBthreetwotw oC = stringIDToTypeID( "0B71D221-F8CE-11d2-B21B-0008C75B322C" );

          var desc14 = new ActionDescriptor();

          var idCSIISettings = stringIDToTypeID( "CSIISettings" );

          desc14.putString( idCSIISettings, """<ContactSheetIISettings>

        <source imageSource="Folder" path="D:\\test\\in" includeSubfolders="true" groupImages="false"/>

        <document units="inches" width="8" height="10" resolution="118.11" resUnits="pixels/inch" mode="RGB Color" bitDepth="8-bit" colorProfile="sRGB IEC61966-2.1" flattenLayers="true"/>

        <thumbnail place="across first" cols="1" rows="2" bestFit="false" useAutospacing="true" horz="0.014 in" vert="0.014 in"/>

        <caption enabled="true">

          <font name="ArialMT" size="12"/>


      </ContactSheetIISettings>""" );

          var idMsge = charIDToTypeID( "Msge" );

          desc14.putString( idMsge, """Settings for Contact Sheet II""" );

      executeAction( idzeroBsevenoneDtwotwooneFeightCEoneonedtwoBtwooneBzerozerozeroeightCsevenfiveBthreetwotw oC, desc14, DialogModes.NO );