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    Wordpress | ID counts up




      I like Edge Animate very much and would like to integrate my created animations into a WordPress page. That's why I installed your WordPress plugin. At the first look I´m satisfied.

      Basically, I have two ways to upload a file: Using the plugin, or directly load the file to the directory.

      But one thing I would like to change.

      If I delete and upload an animation again, it gets a different ID. And I want to control the Stage ID!

      What I have tested: I changed the names of the project which are stored In the directory where the plugin saves the uploaded files. (The project names are something like: "MyAnimation_1", "Another Animation_2". But no success. The Plugin counts up.


      Can anyone tell me how to have influence on the ID?


      I hope you understand my gibberish ;-)


      Many greetings and Thank you