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    English or multiple languages?


      I am about to buy a subscription for InDesign CC.


      Doing so, I can choose between an "English" version and a "Multiple languages" version. The former is cheaper.


      Will this choice affect the functionality of the program (for example available spell checkers, character sets, etc.) or just the user interface (buttons, toolbars, help, etc.)?


      I need to be able to create professional looking documents in different languages - but I wouldn't mind to use an English user interface.


      Thanks for your help!

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Doing so, I can choose between an "English" version and a "Multiple languages" version. The former is cheaper.


          Really? That sounds, well, evil. If you've been doing multilingual layout for a while, you might recognize it as a Quark move. Can you share a link with us?


          Up until your post, it was my understanding that if you subscribed to InDesign, or the whole Cloud, then you could easily change the interface language of your downloaded apps by choosing a language in the Creative Cloud app. I know that all generic CC subscribers get access to the Middle East (ME) edition; I don't know about Chinese, Japanese, or Korean versions.


          As far as spellcheckers go - don't worry about it. InDesign offers Hunspell support, and it's my experience that the community-maintained Hunspell dictionaries and hyphenation dictionaries are far superior to the Proximity dictionaries that Adobe paid who-knows-how-much to use.


          However, the various versions of the app all have the same ability to use the same character sets. The ME edition gets you right-to-left functionality that is unavailable in the interface of the plain-vanilla English edition - but the functionality is still in there in the non-ME versions, just with no UI tools. (Unless you use the scripting interface, or a third-party plugin.) 

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            Naojjoan Level 1

            Great... Thanks a lot for your answer, but just 10 minutes ago I lost my patience and simply decided to buy the subscription for 'Multiple languages'...


            Before doing so, I had a very long and sadly very little informative talk with a couple of Adobe 'experts'. Basically I am not sure if they were bots or merely located on the other side of the world... Clearly they were quite intend on just making me buy the more expensive version, without being able to clearly explain to me why.


            In case you can use it for anything, feel free to review the communication here:



            (Yes, I was slightly annoyed by the end - I really could have spent that hour-and-a-half better.)



            I then spend some more time googling and had the idea to check out the American Adobe homepage. This wasn't easy, as adobe.com insisted on treating me as a dane (you know - why allow a dane to see the american homepage?), but Chrome Incognito made it possible. I then noted, that the American subscription was quite a lot cheaper than the Danish - plus it only offered the option of 'Multiple Languages' -  so I thought: Why not just go ahead and buy the software directly from the US?


            Well - I decided against this in the end, since I would have to register the software with a US billing adress... It seemed that a nonsense adress would work, but I didn't want to go into this kind of fraud - for obvious moral reasons, but also because I want to be able to legally get a tax refund for the purchase (I am buying the software for my company).



            So... I thought: Since only the 'Multiple Languages' version seems to be available in the US, and since I haven't been able to get a clear picture of the possible limitations in the 'English' version, I had better buy the 'Multiple Languages' version to be on the safe side.



            What is a 'Quark move'? A scam?


            I really do not care about being able to set the interface language. In fact, I prefer it to be in English, since most books and online resources use the English terms. I just don't want to run into silly problems when trying to create a document in, say, Danish. It would be fun to also be able to create Japanese documents, but I can live without that.


            Oh well - hopefully the 'Multiple Languages' version will at least not cause me any more pain than the (cheaper) 'English' one...



            Here's the link to the Danish product homepage from where I just subscribed to the product:



            (Just pick InDesign CC: "Deltag nu" - meaning "participate now" - on the right. Then, in the next screen, you will have the choice between 'Engelsk' or 'Flere sprog' - meaning, of course, "English" and "Multiple Languages" in Danish).

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              Joel Cherney Level 5

              What is a 'Quark move'?


              Releasing a very expensive version of your page layout application for use in multilingual workflows, with maybe a few extra hyphenation dictionaries, but no really useful tools. Quark is/used to be the main competitor for InDesign.


              I've tried to recreate your experience, but I can't. I'm located in the US but (probably due to the nonprofit enterprise-style license I'm using) I was never offered any option of "English only." Also, I can get the Adobe website to serve me some Danish pages, but I can't get at the Euro-only Danish subscription page.


              It would be fun to also be able to create Japanese documents, but I can live without that.


              To do that well, I would suggest using Creative Cloud to download CS6 (you get to use CS6 when you are a CC member) and installing World Tools Pro from in-tools.com. That will expose all of the Japanese-specific layout tools in InDesign, and all of the Middle East RTL tools as well. That's pretty much the only way to handle both CJK and RTL languages in the same app. Otherwise you could uninstall InDesign CC, change your Creative Cloud language to Japanese, download the Japanese version, do your Japanese layout, uninstall the Japanese version, change your language to Arabic or Hebrew, download the ME edition, do your RTL layout, uninstall, et cetera.


              Here's an InDesign Secrets article that will make the UI-versus-toolset distintion clear.

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                Naojjoan Level 1

                Thanks a lot!


                You have been really helpful. I appreciate it. Even if I did just fall for a Quark move. - I simply didn't want to spend any more time chasing the information I needed to make a more informed decision. After all, I want to get on with actually using InDesign...


                Internationalization / localization (on all levels) is a fascinating topic! I really wish, Adobe would document these things and make the documentation accessible to their customers... *Hint hint*


                When two versions of a product are offered, it shouldn't be this hard to get basic information on the technical differences between them. At least the 'experts' from the Adobe customer support should be able to explain them when asked. ...But I am preaching to the choir, I guess.