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    Where did it go?


      I signed up in Nov (or Dec) for the 30 day trial for PS.

      I removed it from my coputer afterward.


      I signed up yesterday for the CC and downloaded PS and Bridge. It took a while but once PS was downloaded it immediately needed to UPDATE. So, I updated it.


      Now, Bridge is on my computer, and PS is no where to be seen.... at all. And the option to download it from adobe isn't there....


      I'm confused and irritated. Where is it? How do I get to it? Do I need to remove it all from my computer (which is brand new btw, so I know the computer isn't the problem) and do it all again??


      Also, I opened Bridge yesterday to edit a session and it won't allow me to open anything in Raw to do any editing.... I suppose this is due to PS not being accessable...??