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    PE11 freezes in making slideshow

    fredowww66 Level 1

      Intel I7-3770 - Win7 home 64b - NVidea graphics card GTX560 - 8 GB dd3 ram - SSD 64 GB - HD 1.5 T

      Windows and PE11 is on SSD - scratch disklocations on HD - HD free space 1.2 Terra



      I'll try to make a huge slideshow. I'm testing my workflow : scanning dia and pictures, modify them in PS cs3, save them in full resolution for later use (not the slideshow).

      For the slideshow I convert all pictures to size 1920 width (because I want to make a hd 16:9 movie, pictures with no border) with 72 ppi (because higher is in this case not necessary ...) in .psd format.


      I want to make the slideshow in PE11 (and not in PS) because end product will be a HD movie for multimedia-player (and a dvd version for dvd players).

      And maybe I add also some real short footage between some pictures.


      PE11 project preset = 1080p pal, rescale is off.


      I've imported as a test some pictures (the 72ppi .psd versions ofcourse) maybe +- 20 in the assets panel.

      On the timeline I have just 5 pictures and I'm testing some transitions, effects, titles etc. on this.


      I've noticed that even with this just 5 pictures on the timeline PE11 freezes completely for minutes, for example when I try one of the cartoon effects (doesn't matter wich one, I have it with all  ...)

      No visible error message. After some minutes waiting the program is again functioning.

      This happens even when all other pictures are already renderd (so green line above all other pictures).


      When I switch to task manager at that moment (with ctrl alt del)  I can not see the problem (internal memory +-40% used f.e., looks normal to me).

      So what is going on, are there other tools to discover the bottleneck ?