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    Why can't I download the latest version of Flash player?

    Spaceman Spiff

      My system recently updated from Windows Explorer 9 to Windows Explorer 10. But I was encountering issues with trying to update to the latest version of Flash even prior to that.  I keep getting the prompt that an update is available, but when I follow the steps, I get to Step 1, and click on the "Install now" button, and the screen changes to Step 2 but nothing else happens.  For a moment it says "Initializing..." and then it says "If you encounter any issues downloading Adobe Flash Player, click here."  But nothing else happens.  If I click on the "Click here" button, it just tells me that when the File Download box appears I should click "Run" and when the User Account Control box appears I should click "Yes."  But neither of these boxes ever appears!  Very frustrating!  (My current Adobe Flash version is 11.9.900.170 and my security program is Norton 360).  Thanks.