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    "View Responses" page displaying old field names on updated form


      We release an application form every year in March.  To make this year's form, I first duplicated last year's form (structure only) and then made the necessary adjustments.  For example, I essentially took last year's "What trainings did you attend in 2012?" field and changed it to "What trainings did you attend in 2013?"  For many fields, I overwrote what was there before.


      I've just started receiving responses, and I was alarmed to see that in the "View Responses" datasheet, a few random field names appear to be the OLD field names.  I quickly went and retested the form, downloaded a response to a PDF, and looked at the summary email, and, because all of these versions show the correct field names, I'm pretty certain users are seeing the updated (correct) version.  In other words, I think (and hope!) that the only place the names aren't properly displaying is in the "View Responses" tab.  Also, in the "View Responses" tab, MOST fields are properly displaying the updated field names.


      Is my data okay--is this only a cosmetic bug--or do I need to take emergency action like taking down the form and rebuilding it from scratch immediately to avoid whatever confusion is happening from the old form?  I really appreciate any input or advice!


      I'll attach a screenshot of a sample question as it displays on the form followed by the corresponding question in the "View Responses tab--notice the year and text total discrepancy: